Ride Sharing Tips

With gas pricing as high as they are today, Ridesharing can be a useful way to save money (and meet new friends). Whether you are ridesharing via our service or elsewhere, you should always exercise caution and common sense to protect yourself from unsafe situations. Here are some helpful “rules of the road” for traveling smart on your shared journeys.

Use Your Best Judgment

Rideshare will make every effort to remove accounts based on negative feedback or complaints. However, determining a travel-partner’s honesty, driving credentials, and/or background is ultimately your responsibility.

Trust your gut if something feels suspicious or peculiar. Never hesitate to close communication or politely back out if it doesn’t feel right. You’re in control of the entire process in terms of questions you ask, who you choose, and how you meet, so you can take the necessary measures to enhance safety.

Be Wary of People who:

* Ask strange or inappropriate questions.
* Give unclear answers or refuse to answer your questions.
* Lack consistency in their details online, over the phone, or in person.
* Ask for unexpected services beyond the pre-agreed arrangement.
* Offer taxi or chauffeur service. Rideshare is for personal travel (not for commercial carriers)

Protect Your Personal Information:

Rideshare takes several measures to protect your privacy and provide an anonymous environment. Your name, phone number, and email are only released to a member after you approve him or her as a travel partner. Also, your exact address is never released by Rideshare to other members under any circumstances. Only zip codes, cities, and states are viewable. We strongly encourage you to take as many extra precautions as possible to keep your identity private.

Take the Initiative to Investigate

Please realize that Rideshare does not run background checks, evaluate driving history, drivers’ insurance, or driver’s licenses. As with other ridesharing venues online and offline, we facilitate ridesharing within a community that is mostly dependable, friendly, and honest. However, the characteristics of people vary and you are encouraged to investigate prospective travel partners including running your own background checks, and ensuring that all drivers’ licenses and insurance are current and consistent with the information you expect.

You are Encouraged to Take These Extra Measures


* Tell a trusted friend or family member about your trip plans.
* Carry a fully charged cell phone with emergency contact numbers.
* Meet in a public and “high-traffic” pick-up and drop-off location.


* Ride in a vehicle that seems unsafe.
* Meet your travel-partner at their or your home or place of work.
* Proceed with a trip you do not feel comfortable about for any reason.
* Carry highly-valuable or possibly threatening items on you.
* Change your itinerary without informing friends or family.

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